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quinta-feira, maio 05, 2011

The empty street / Winter days

 This empty street. This dark and empty street.
 I think it may can represent myself right now.
 I will take a chance on you. Well I mean, if you give me some space.
 I will take the risk, go down on this to see what I can find.
 I hope I can find a little space for me to be with you.
 I won't say forever, but until we think It's good for us.
 Really soon I'll meet you. I'd like to meet you now...
Touch you, feel you breath, look into your blue eyes and maybe tell the truth, what I feel.
 I can say I love you, but I shouldn't now.
 I just want to know if you ever saw me in anither way because I do. 
And now I'm here under the rain and this gray clouds witing that day to see you.

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